More than 280 million square feet and 3,098 buildings are managed by the Archidata Solution


The Best Software for a Smart Property Management

The Most Complete Solution on the Market!

The Archidata Solution is a web-based space and BIM management software for large real estate portfolios. The building information is extracted from the drawings and leveraged to update and create space data in 2D and 3D. This unique database collects all the building information into one single window, the Building Dashboard.

“Today, the Archidata Solution is the only web-based IFC/BIM Solution offering interoperability between drawings and building management systems. This feature has played an important role in the decision of the US Government (GSA) to select us for a pilot study. Archidata helps companies go from 2D to the 3D/BIM era.”

Dominique Dubuc, Founder and President